Design Rewind – Subway Salad Menu

Design Rewind with Subway Salad Menu on Subway website

Subway’s Salad Menu has made it’s way to the top of the ranks of, a favorite subreddit of Code & Dev. It’s never nice to refer to a designer’s work as “Crappy”, but the graphic designers on /r/crappydesign tend to spot significant graphic design and product design flaws for Fortune 500 companies fairly well. Unfortunately, I can’t image big brands like Subway reacting very well to making it to the front page of Reddit for bad design jobs. This is a common occurrence unfortunately for big brands and small brands alike. Graphic Design is a investment that pays for itself in praise and positive response from your target market. Short cuts and low budgets and graphics can lead to weaknesses that take away from brand design strengths. Either way, I think I’ll get my salad somewhere else for lunch!