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Educating Agents on Real Estate CRMs
New lead management tools require training. Education is a big part of extending tool sets and Top Producer has some great mobile tools for Agents in the field. With a diverse demographic of agents, it’s important to have a solid tech training process in order for agents to not only know how to use the tools, but feel as if they need the tools in order to produce. This keeps Agents who typically live and die by their personal techniques active in the system you monitoring at the executive level. This tends to require some testing on our end with multiple devices, typically volunteered by agents that must manage Top Producer on their phone.
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Educating Agents on Real Estate Website Tools
Real Estate Websites are production tools, and therefore should be used by agents during the sales process, whether it’s explaining the benefits of the website search tools, or the ability for it to easily be used on mobile/tablets. When agents have a professional dialogue regarding the abilities and strengths that make their brokerage unique, it increases lead retention as well as seller lead conversion. Confidence in your new approach to technology will increase agent confidence in their ability to sell, knowing their brokerage├é┬áis backing them with great production tools.
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Real Estate Websites and CRMs come in a variety of options
The most important thing you can focus on when approaching the integration of a new website or real estate lead CRM is it’s ability to act as a streamlined production tool for your agents as well as management. Not only should agents love the system for how easy it makes managing their leads, but management should also be able to tap into the system at a higher level and observe all brokerage locations, the agents working at each location, and how often they are accessing the system. The most expensive option is not always the best option for every brokerage, and there are many feasible options available for the individual agent as well as the brokerage.
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