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Why 50? After consulting with 100s of businesses & entrepreneurs, it’s evident that digital marketing & brand design are diversifying into increasingly niche markets. At Code & Dev, we analyze every feasible opportunity and provide all digital services, IT support, brand design, and in-house training in an efficiently managed package. Coined as the “In-House Team”, we provide better results than a new hire for half the cost.

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Code & Dev Is A Mission

According to Google Webmasters 2015 Report, more than 50% of the web is not mobile ready, and only 20% of all websites are truly mobile friendly.

We believe in a better product, a better solution, and the best service. We pride ourselves in our transparency and ability to offer strategy to businesses in dozens of industries with our expertise in marketing strategy.

Our Team is composed of Florida Gulf Cost University Graduates (GO EAGLES) and we retain a new intern every semester in order to provide them with multiple job opportunities with technology based companies after graduation.

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When providing 50+ business services, Focus is vital

Code & Dev’s proven strategy helps identify and isolate strengths and weaknesses of an online brand. Our marketing team establishes dozens of strategies across several channels for full blanket coverage of your chosen target markets. We explain these strategies to you and your team, discuss what will be most beneficial for your business, establish a launch schedule, and confirm plans.

Our digital services and marketing strategy all revolve around three core business concepts

Brand Design

Brand messages make or break a business. Whether that message is simple or multi-leveled, your customers need to understand it. HD screens and design trends require professional insight on viewer reaction and customer engagement. We provide everything from logo to web design through printing, logistics and placement of marketing materials. Business cards to billboards. We utilize over 17 GoPros and DJI Phantom quad copters to capture an experience once only possible in Hollywood. Your HD media is edited into branding material, marketing campaigns, advertising, and social media posts.

Digital Intelligence

Digital Marketing with Business Intelligence guidelines and historically proven business strategies. Our research methods are solid, our resources are valued, and are marketing campaign deployments know how to stir up markets online and offline. We specialize in full day launch strategies where multiple channels launch across timezones, all starting in Southwest Florida. We don’t “manage” marketing strategy, we innovate and reinvigorate demand in your brand by using dozens of marketing channels simultaneously. Let us help you discover new markets and business opportunities with marketing data and business intelligence.

Business Strategy

Whether you are rebranding a long time brand, or starting from scratch as a new start-up, it’s always time to analyze your current business strategies. Whenever we work with a business, or services cover a wide spectrum of “categories”, which most people have heard of (design, marketing, etc). It’s the strategy that a business deploys internally through out the work force and process that ties the digital and marketing aspects into an enriching result. Our services can improve the production rate of employees and increase engagement they have with their own personal communities and relationships regarding your brand.

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Code & Dev’s central office is located @ The Brooks Suites

Bonita Springs at 9990 Coconut Road, Bonita Springs, Florida 34135