We are a national team of creative designers, web coders, and business consultants that share their experience and resources with international clients.


Bachelors and Masters students with more than 50% of the team graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University in Estero, Florida
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Over 25+ combined years of experience from our team of designers, developer and marketing managers.


Starting off each morning with positive thoughts, hot coffee, and positive feedback from our clients based on the work we completed on their behalf. International offices in Paris, Spain and Central America. Getting out from behind the computer screen and making a physical impact on our community.

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We provide free consultation and comprehensive website reviews for those looking to launch or looking for a change/improvement with their current website.

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Our mission is to prepare our clients for a digital future where changes happen frequently and success requires adaption and evolution. In 2007, the first iPhone was released, and 8 years later, mobile now dominates web browser usage over desktop. As tech becomes wearable and devices are used more frequently, planning for your business’s digital expansion is essential for short and long term success.

Located 10 Minutes from FGCU at the corner of 3 Oaks and Coconut Road

Why Code & Dev?

Business Intelligence combined with Digital Strategy from hundreds of websites in dozens of industries have carved a path that is as predictable as it is successful. A business’s website is a production tool built to generate consistent business. It should also capture the aesthetic value of the brand that it is providing a channel for. Our proven strategy has lead to dozens of success stories online.

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