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Below is a link to the Back-To-School Social Media Influencer List. Wondering how to use it?

  • Review
    • Now that you have a big list of people and blogs they manage, go through each site that speaks to your needs. Look at what they post about. Do they mention any brands? Do they recommend any products? Look for those who have the know-how when working with brands, and you’ll get the best exposure for someone who see’s the value of your product/service in comparison to their readership
  • Plan
    • Before going crazy with tweets/emails to these influencers, plan your approach. Make sure your outreach is effective, vs spammy. Speak to the influencer’s passions, mention an article of their’s that you like, and most importantly: be human. You have a product/service that solves a problem, and emphasizing how your solution benefits the readership of a blogger is the tipping point for them wanting to learn more about you and what you are doing.
  •  Outreach
    •  Twitter – I prefer tweeting someone directly and straight out thanking them. Thank them for their content, their dedication, and their talent. After that, engage in the conversation. Tweet back those who have tweeted them, provide more information, and become a valued contributor. In the world of Twitter, this can happen fast. End goal: tweet directly at the author and ask them about getting involved in a story, as you have the perfect thing to write about. You have just set the table, now it’s time to eat.
    • Email – while some stay on Twitter for outreach, sometimes you have to dig deeper. If you aren’t getting responses quick enough or at all from the influencer, email them through their blog. Take the same approach as mentioned with twitter, but condense it into an email. Thank them, highlight what you like about their content, and offer your service/product as a write up. It also helps to have a document with a written blog post complete for them to review.
  • Results
    • Social Engagement
      • Responses from the influencer and/or their followers
      • Retweets, responses, and endorsements
      • Increased following/recognition
      • Possible direct connection
    • Backlinks
      • If you do get mentioned on a blog and it links back to your site, you just earned yourself a quality white hat back link. You can turn this into a “thank you” post to your audience, mentioning your appearance in “yet another relevant” source. In some instances, this is worthy for the “as seen on” section for your website for further validation.

If you have any questions on how to use this list, please contact us at Hope this is helpful for your brand and clients!

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