Back To School Marketing Strategy

Marketing for back to school strategy

It’s back to school season, which means for it’s back to school marketing strategy season for brands. It’s important for businesses to target those heading back to school, as over a billion dollars of goods are purchased every year during this season.

The real question most brands ask is: “How Can I Target Back To School Trends for Marketing?”

The answer is: dozens of ways. Once big way is to use social media influencers to help spread your product/service to families and students.

We have generated a list of social media influencers that are currently targeting this segement, from parent blogs, mom bloggers, college student social accounts, and actual teachers that act as big time influencers for back-to-school topics:

  • Student Fashion
  • Dorm Decorations
  • Classroom Supplies
  • Student Event Ideas
  • and more!

There are several ways to target this market, and we are providing our list for FREE!

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