Best 404 Page Ever?

Best 404 page ever?

Everyone hates a 404 page. It means something is went wrong, by definition. With that being said, the guys over at know how to solve that problem. Humor is a great way to fix a 404 page error. a 404 page by itself can increase bounce rates drastically, which is why strategizing on how to turn the potential problem of a bad link into a new opportunity.

They also have a clean site with some unique features, like the minimalistic take on the tiled website.

They also have a ridiculously huge search bar on the home page. This is one of the first times I have ever seen someone put such a huge search bar on the home page with a hover. As you may notice, the search bar is near the main navigation of the website, making a quick hover over a common occurrence. It’s also right next to the account button, so it’s going to get hovered over eventually, and when it does, kabam!

Top it all off with a header promotion that has the hand written style which is known to increase clicks, and they have an amazing home page for conversions that meets the contemporary guide lines for both minimalism, organization, good CSS, and a grid that is easily made responsive across devices (although load times may vary based on the overall amount of elements on the home page).


Here’s the kicker, the main nave is animated:

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