Tree T Pee – Best Shark Tank Pitch

Johnny from Florida on Shark Tank With his Tree T Pee

Entrepreneurs face a lot of heat when they go on the Shark Tank, and it’s obvious who is prepared, who is ready for a deal, and who is not. A lot of preparation for elevator pitches on new business concepts comes from practice, studying the process, and creating a unique explanation in as few words as possible as to how your idea can make an investor rich.

In comes Johnny Georges, with his acclaimed Tree T Pee, which is a native tool for Florida farmers. Tree T Pee greatly increases the yields for trees but helping them grow up to 20% faster while using 70% less water for irrigation. This is huge in Florida due to the Florida Oranges industry, and enormous in California, where water is hard to come by.

Mr. Wonderful did his typical dress down of entrepreneurs, their business, and their ambitions. It was clear to see that Johnny wasn’t the type of entrepreneur that spent his friday afternoons getting coached by angel investors in Silicon Valley. Johnny would be more likely found on a farm helping tree yields increase than at a tech convention selling his ideas.

This is why Johnny truly shined, as his genuine attitude and personality holds it’s weight in gold as well as his noble business ideas.

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Michael Ensor
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