Black Dress Pant Sweatpants – Today In Nerd Fashion

Dress pant sweatpants
AKA Everything You have ever dreamed of.

Imagine, instead of getting dressed for work in the morning, it felt as good as getting dressed for bed. That is how I feel about these pants. For $100, that’s a lot of some pants that aren’t even really dress pants, but man, do they look comfortable.

With awesome diagrams like this, they really make these pants look like passable dress pants. Dare I say, corporate approved attire? The diagram really takes it to the next level with the sweat pant textured dress shoes. It’s almost too good to be true.

Thumbs out = business. And so do these pants. I believe that not only should a company have a cool dress code, but they should go as far as to find super awesome clothes like this, buy them in bulk and get them on discount to give to employees. As Code & Dev grows, I will keep this blog post tagged for future reference. Hint Hint anyone who wants to work for a creative web agency and potentially earn yourself a fresh pair of these professional pajamas.

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