Design Rewind – Subway Salad Menu

Design Rewind with Subway Salad Menu on Subway website

Subway’s Salad Menu has made it’s way to the top of the ranks of, a favorite subreddit of Code & Dev. It’s never nice to refer to a designer’s work as “Crappy”, but the graphic designers on /r/crappydesign tend to spot significant graphic design and product design flaws for Fortune 500 companies fairly well. Unfortunately, I can’t image big …

Slider without Slider Revolution

No more slider revolution when using easy slider

Image sliders never felt safer Circa 2014 when Revolution Slider was penetrated by a Russian hacking group. The hack caused over 10,000 WordPress websites to be delisted from Google. Rule of thumb: Don’t use WordPress plugins or code that is “borrowed” as it can cause you problems down the road. Be original, keep original code, and try to minimize code …

Walking Dead – Carl? Carlllll!!

Video of Rick saying Carl

As everyone may know, The Walking Dead comes on AMC again tonight after taking a hiatus for a few months. In celebration, here is a YouTube video of every time Rick has said CARLLLLLL

Thanks @FiveFour for Remarketing Me

Twitter Remarketing

If you ever see this on twitter, get ready to see some ads soon after. The marketing managers are plotting their onslaught of Remarketing ads and Retargeting strategies.

Jurassic World – Web Promo Strategy

Jurassic world website awesome user experience

If you have not seen the Jurassic World website yet, get ready for an awesome user experience. The website looks like a real interactive app for a park that is as real as Disney World itself. Theme parks can really benefit from borrowing concepts such as these to apply to their real life interactive experience. The way the icon menu …

Microsoft Hololens on Adwords – You’re Doing It Wrong

Microsoft hololens

Even though Bing Ads has had a boost in search volume over the past 30 days, that won’t stop them from having a hard time advertising on Google Adwords. Anything with the word “hologram” in it is currently showing ads for Microsoft’s new Hololens. Placement also seems to be very competitive in the top 3 range across the nation. Nothing …

Currently Ranked #1 On Reddit /r/SEO

ranked number one on reddit

We are currently ranked #1 on right now for our latest question regarding blocking bot traffic for SEO purposes. Bot traffic and click fraud are two huge issues with web marketing right now, and we at Code & Dev refuse to stand down and let large lumps of bad traffic hit our client’s traffic reporting. As the post gained …

Awesome Things Brands Did in 2014

Awesome things brands did

If you have an product, a service you offer, or just an idea, we can help you push it towards marketability. We are happy to help! Original post by @AishwaryaNotRai of

Tree T Pee – Best Shark Tank Pitch

Johnny from Florida on Shark Tank With his Tree T Pee

Entrepreneurs face a lot of heat when they go on the Shark Tank, and it’s obvious who is prepared, who is ready for a deal, and who is not. A lot of preparation for elevator pitches on new business concepts comes from practice, studying the process, and creating a unique explanation in as few words as possible as to how …