Mini City built only with CSS

Build with only CSS

Super awesome miniature city built only with CSS code. It’s truly inspiring to watch the processes of developers and designers merge into one creative mind, generating form and function simultaneously. I see a future of a museum with digital art with pieces like this. Great work! View a working example of the screen shot below, complete with animations like cars, …

Project Ara – Google’s Phone of the Future

Project Ara modular phone

Finally, a phone I look forward to buying again. As an iPhone 4s user that upgraded to iOs8, my phone is a fancy brick. Thankfully, Google is creating a phone with pieces that can be added and removed in one snap. These “modulars”, for example, could add a super upgraded camera, mass storage, better security, full games or music albums, …

Hearing Aid Advertising. You’re doing it wrong.

hearing has evolved from a bad version of Google with forum posts filled with wrong answers, to a weird new platform, where answers don’t even matter anymore. Why would anyone ever go to this site? Social Media posts built to get clicks, for instance: As you can see, the post is 1) sponsored, or paid for with advertising dollars, 2) …

Black Dress Pant Sweatpants – Today In Nerd Fashion

Dress pant sweatpants

Imagine, instead of getting dressed for work in the morning, it felt as good as getting dressed for bed. That is how I feel about these pants. For $100, that’s a lot of some pants that aren’t even really dress pants, but man, do they look comfortable. With awesome diagrams like this, they really make these pants look like passable …

Funny Call To Action Strategies

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Is this the best prank on the internet? I was sent this by a friend today and couldn’t believe this prank was available as service. is a new website offering a service, or a disservice, depending on if you are the buyer or the receiver. The call to action on the header of the page is awesome, and the …

Facebook Ad Conversion Strategy – Human Images and Conversions

Amplify My Business Optimization strategy

This epic imagery is a good scroll stopper, as it is so unorthodox. I can’t recall the last time I saw someone doing a hand stand while pulling an arrow back in a bow with her feet. And then you realize she is blind folded and this leads into my explanation as to why this is an interested ad to …

Web Design Strategy – Impact vs Minimalism

Fibonacci Handstand

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Pervasive Facebook Advertising Example Posi Rank

social ads for posi rank for days

We have all experienced it. You visit a website, maybe only for a few seconds, for a reason you may or may not remember, and then IT happens. Ads. Ads everywhere. They follow you on your phone, on your TV, and in your email. Facebook Remarketing enables this ability by letting web masters ad tracking code to their websites so …

Logo Design –

code and development

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