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Out of the top 100 sites, 82% claim to be “Responsive”

When only 17% are truly mobile ready

Managing web requires best practices and

A Process for transitioning Web Leads into Clients

With dozens of intepretations of code and new devices launching every month around the planet, the landscape is constantly changing online. Simply having a website won’t drive business, and driving traffic with marketing won’t necessarily drive sales if your sales team isn’t ready and the website isn’t built to manage visitors properly.

Our central mission at Code & Dev is to turn our client websites into production tools that drive leads and increase their business’s revenue month over month and year over year. This is why we offer a dedicated business development service to help transition small businesses to entire companies onto the digital landscape and perform at a rate that is manageable for them.

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Customer Analysis

Know your customers on a deeper level by observing on an interaction level with your website, when customers call your business, when they are at your location, and their general demographics.

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Creative Consultant

That new promotion you are about to run might have some serious impact on your target market and local community if approached correctly. We provide creative consulting on all advertising projects, branding questions, and unrelated questions. We love to create.

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Lead Optimization

The transition of a website visitor to an actual customer and client of your business is a sensitive path best taken with little to no resistance. This means an experience built around your customer's needs, and an in depth understanding of how to build a web presence in order to adapt to your visitor's needs. From traffic management to page layout overhauls, we do whatever it takes.

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Web to Real

Once that lead is delivered to your email, you have less than 30 minutes to make a focused impression. The chain of events that occurs after that lead is submitted or that call is placed will determine your business's ability to turn web traffic into revenue. We help perfect this process so that you can focus on creating an excellent experience for your customers.

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Take Your Lead Capturing To The Next Level

We create an experience that is inviting for your visitors while driving unique visits from new prospects. All of this traffic is being directed to websites we designed to make the best use of the traffic as it arrives. In fact, we are doing so right now on dozens of other websites across the country.

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