I Am Baconator | Twitter Account To Follow

Social Media Marketing Twitter

I am Baconator (@IAmBaconator) is more than just a hilarious Twitter moniker/alias. It’s a message to brands: Your products have identities. In this example, Wendy’s Social Media Management Team is using a single sandwich to garner a following of over 43,4k fans. And it looks like this trend is just getting started as well (photo proof below) This is a perfect …

Your Brain, Our Universe, and the Internet

Organic growth online

Organic growth is a pattern repeated on many levels, including the cells in our brain, the shape of the universe, and the structure of connections across the internet. Another example of this growth pattern is in the world’s electricity system, which has millions of connections across the world, under the sea, and hanging 50 feet in the air by a road …

Thanks @FiveFour for Remarketing Me

Twitter Remarketing

If you ever see this on twitter, get ready to see some ads soon after. The marketing managers are plotting their onslaught of Remarketing ads and Retargeting strategies.

Currently Ranked #1 On Reddit /r/SEO

ranked number one on reddit

We are currently ranked #1 on reddit.com/r/SEO right now for our latest question regarding blocking bot traffic for SEO purposes. Bot traffic and click fraud are two huge issues with web marketing right now, and we at Code & Dev refuse to stand down and let large lumps of bad traffic hit our client’s traffic reporting. As the post gained …

Awesome Things Brands Did in 2014

Awesome things brands did

If you have an product, a service you offer, or just an idea, we can help you push it towards marketability. We are happy to help! Original post by @AishwaryaNotRai of unmetric.com

Facebook at Work is Yesterday’s Yammer

Facebook releases Facebook at work and beats Yammer

For years, Yammer has been the “Facebook for Business“. With new popular apps arriving and taking dominance in the space like Slack and HipChat, Yammer’s growth has stifled. Meanwhile, Facebook continued on it’s path of social dominance, avoiding exposure to the industry specific social media network space. Facebook announced last week that this is set to change, and now Yammer …

Google Exposes Microsoft Security Hole. Again.

microsoft and google

Microsoft can’t seem to keep it’s brand out of the mud. After the NFL required millions of dollars in training just so they called the Surface Pro 3 NOT and Ipad, they also required help from Google, with a similar effect. Looks like Microsoft is still leaning on Google to help patch up weaknesses in their technology. Considering the competitive …

Hearing Aid Advertising. You’re doing it wrong.


Answers.com has evolved from a bad version of Google with forum posts filled with wrong answers, to a weird new platform, where answers don’t even matter anymore. Why would anyone ever go to this site? Social Media posts built to get clicks, for instance: As you can see, the post is 1) sponsored, or paid for with advertising dollars, 2) …

Facebook Ad Conversion Strategy – Human Images and Conversions

Amplify My Business Optimization strategy

This epic imagery is a good scroll stopper, as it is so unorthodox. I can’t recall the last time I saw someone doing a hand stand while pulling an arrow back in a bow with her feet. And then you realize she is blind folded and this leads into my explanation as to why this is an interested ad to …

Pervasive Facebook Advertising Example Posi Rank

social ads for posi rank for days

We have all experienced it. You visit a website, maybe only for a few seconds, for a reason you may or may not remember, and then IT happens. Ads. Ads everywhere. They follow you on your phone, on your TV, and in your email. Facebook Remarketing enables this ability by letting web masters ad tracking code to their websites so …