Design Rewind – Subway Salad Menu

Design Rewind with Subway Salad Menu on Subway website

Subway’s Salad Menu has made it’s way to the top of the ranks of, a favorite subreddit of Code & Dev. It’s never nice to refer to a designer’s work as “Crappy”, but the graphic designers on /r/crappydesign tend to spot significant graphic design and product design flaws for Fortune 500 companies fairly well. Unfortunately, I can’t image big …

Business Card Design – Nurse Business Cards

vibrant business card designs

This is our latest business card design for Megan Marsh LPN, a private nurse operating in Naples, Florida. The medical influence from the symbol on the card adds vibrance to the front of the card. The back has one layer instead of layered symbols, and is more transparent so that the details are highlighted and stand out more. What do you …

Logo Design –

code and development

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