Design Rewind – Subway Salad Menu

Design Rewind with Subway Salad Menu on Subway website

Subway’s Salad Menu has made it’s way to the top of the ranks of, a favorite subreddit of Code & Dev. It’s never nice to refer to a designer’s work as “Crappy”, but the graphic designers on /r/crappydesign tend to spot significant graphic design and product design flaws for Fortune 500 companies fairly well. Unfortunately, I can’t image big …

Jurassic World – Web Promo Strategy

Jurassic world website awesome user experience

If you have not seen the Jurassic World website yet, get ready for an awesome user experience. The website looks like a real interactive app for a park that is as real as Disney World itself. Theme parks can really benefit from borrowing concepts such as these to apply to their real life interactive experience. The way the icon menu …

Business Card Design – Nurse Business Cards

vibrant business card designs

This is our latest business card design for Megan Marsh LPN, a private nurse operating in Naples, Florida. The medical influence from the symbol on the card adds vibrance to the front of the card. The back has one layer instead of layered symbols, and is more transparent so that the details are highlighted and stand out more. What do you …

Best 404 Page Ever?

Best 404 page ever?

Everyone hates a 404 page. It means something is went wrong, by definition. With that being said, the guys over at know how to solve that problem. Humor is a great way to fix a 404 page error. a 404 page by itself can increase bounce rates drastically, which is why strategizing on how to turn the potential problem …

Facebook Ad Conversion Strategy – Human Images and Conversions

Amplify My Business Optimization strategy

This epic imagery is a good scroll stopper, as it is so unorthodox. I can’t recall the last time I saw someone doing a hand stand while pulling an arrow back in a bow with her feet. And then you realize she is blind folded and this leads into my explanation as to why this is an interested ad to …

Logo Design –

code and development

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