“Not Enough Space” on USB Drive Solution Mac OS

It’s happened to everyone. You are leaving last minute for a meeting, presentation, etc and you go for your USB stick to carry your precious cargo to your destination. Alas, the USB stick looks like it’s empty, but a “Not Enough Space” or “Not Enough Memory” prompt appears. Don’t fret, as we have a simple solution for Mac OS users. …

30 Years of .COMs with Google Domains

Google Domains

After 30 years, the “.com” has turned into dozens of spin offs, allowing for more websites to be developed in a unique manner that is true to their brand. Google made an awesome infographic on the history of .com, and is definitely worth a look!

Tree T Pee – Best Shark Tank Pitch

Johnny from Florida on Shark Tank With his Tree T Pee

Entrepreneurs face a lot of heat when they go on the Shark Tank, and it’s obvious who is prepared, who is ready for a deal, and who is not. A lot of preparation for elevator pitches on new business concepts comes from practice, studying the process, and creating a unique explanation in as few words as possible as to how …

Google Exposes Microsoft Security Hole. Again.

microsoft and google

Microsoft can’t seem to keep it’s brand out of the mud. After the NFL required millions of dollars in training just so they called the Surface Pro 3 NOT and Ipad, they also required help from Google, with a similar effect. Looks like Microsoft is still leaning on Google to help patch up weaknesses in their technology. Considering the competitive …

For Sale: ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com


Remember that one post about a site that allows you to ship your enemies glitter? Well, the owner of the now infamous internet service is 1) claiming the site made over xx,xxx dollars since launch, and 2) the site is now for sale. That’s right, the web app genie¬†Mathew Carpenter is already throwing in the towel, claiming that the site …

Mini City built only with CSS

Build with only CSS

Super awesome miniature city built only with CSS code. It’s truly inspiring to watch the processes of developers and designers merge into one creative mind, generating form and function simultaneously. I see a future of a museum with digital art with pieces like this. Great work! View a working example of the screen shot below, complete with animations like cars, …

Project Ara – Google’s Phone of the Future

Project Ara modular phone

Finally, a phone I look forward to buying again. As an iPhone 4s user that upgraded to iOs8, my phone is a fancy brick. Thankfully, Google is creating a phone with pieces that can be added and removed in one snap. These “modulars”, for example, could add a super upgraded camera, mass storage, better security, full games or music albums, …