Funny Call To Action Strategies

Great copy

“Until the personal watercraft was invented, mankind’s only hope for summer fun involved competitive sunburning and watching flowers die. Make the outdoors great with this Groupon.” Entertainment is a brilliant way to win over your customer audience. Groupon is dominating the digital-to-physical coupon market right now and their ability to stray off the beaten path of traditional content has given …

The Educated Agent – Real Estate Websites

New lead management tools require training. Education is a big part of extending tool sets and Top Producer has some great mobile tools for Agents in the field. With a diverse demographic of agents, it’s important to have a solid tech training process in order for agents to not only know how to use the tools, but feel as if …

Slider without Slider Revolution

No more slider revolution when using easy slider

Image sliders never felt safer Circa 2014 when Revolution Slider was penetrated by a Russian hacking group. The hack caused over 10,000 WordPress websites to be delisted from Google. Rule of thumb: Don’t use WordPress plugins or code that is “borrowed” as it can cause you problems down the road. Be original, keep original code, and try to minimize code …

Jurassic World – Web Promo Strategy

Jurassic world website awesome user experience

If you have not seen the Jurassic World website yet, get ready for an awesome user experience. The website looks like a real interactive app for a park that is as real as Disney World itself. Theme parks can really benefit from borrowing concepts such as these to apply to their real life interactive experience. The way the icon menu …

Awesome Things Brands Did in 2014

Awesome things brands did

If you have an product, a service you offer, or just an idea, we can help you push it towards marketability. We are happy to help! Original post by @AishwaryaNotRai of

Mitchell Kapor Quote

Mitchell Kapor Quote About the internet

“Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.” – Mitchell Kapor

Business Card Design – Nurse Business Cards

vibrant business card designs

This is our latest business card design for Megan Marsh LPN, a private nurse operating in Naples, Florida. The medical influence from the symbol on the card adds vibrance to the front of the card. The back has one layer instead of layered symbols, and is more transparent so that the details are highlighted and stand out more. What do you …

Best 404 Page Ever?

Best 404 page ever?

Everyone hates a 404 page. It means something is went wrong, by definition. With that being said, the guys over at know how to solve that problem. Humor is a great way to fix a 404 page error. a 404 page by itself can increase bounce rates drastically, which is why strategizing on how to turn the potential problem …

Mini City built only with CSS

Build with only CSS

Super awesome miniature city built only with CSS code. It’s truly inspiring to watch the processes of developers and designers merge into one creative mind, generating form and function simultaneously. I see a future of a museum with digital art with pieces like this. Great work! View a working example of the screen shot below, complete with animations like cars, …

Funny Call To Action Strategies

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Is this the best prank on the internet? I was sent this by a friend today and couldn’t believe this prank was available as service. is a new website offering a service, or a disservice, depending on if you are the buyer or the receiver. The call to action on the header of the page is awesome, and the …