Funny Call To Action Strategies

Great copy

“Until the personal watercraft was invented, mankind’s only hope for summer fun involved competitive sunburning and watching flowers die. Make the outdoors great with this Groupon.” Entertainment is a brilliant way to win over your customer audience. Groupon is dominating the digital-to-physical coupon market right now and their ability to stray off the beaten path of traditional content has given …

Best 404 Page Ever?

Best 404 page ever?

Everyone hates a 404 page. It means something is went wrong, by definition. With that being said, the guys over at know how to solve that problem. Humor is a great way to fix a 404 page error. a 404 page by itself can increase bounce rates drastically, which is why strategizing on how to turn the potential problem …

Funny Call To Action Strategies

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Is this the best prank on the internet? I was sent this by a friend today and couldn’t believe this prank was available as service. is a new website offering a service, or a disservice, depending on if you are the buyer or the receiver. The call to action on the header of the page is awesome, and the …

Web Design Strategy – Impact vs Minimalism

Fibonacci Handstand

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