Your Brain, Our Universe, and the Internet

Organic growth online

Organic growth is a pattern repeated on many levels, including the cells in our brain, the shape of the universe, and the structure of connections across the internet. Another example of this growth pattern is in the world’s electricity system, which has millions of connections across the world, under the sea, and hanging 50 feet in the air by a road …

Walking Dead – Carl? Carlllll!!

Video of Rick saying Carl

As everyone may know, The Walking Dead comes on AMC again tonight after taking a hiatus for a few months. In celebration, here is a YouTube video of every time Rick has said CARLLLLLL

Microsoft Hololens on Adwords – You’re Doing It Wrong

Microsoft hololens

Even though Bing Ads has had a boost in search volume over the past 30 days, that won’t stop them from having a hard time advertising on Google Adwords. Anything with the word “hologram” in it is currently showing ads for Microsoft’s new Hololens. Placement also seems to be very competitive in the top 3 range across the nation. Nothing …

For Sale:


Remember that one post about a site that allows you to ship your enemies glitter? Well, the owner of the now infamous internet service is 1) claiming the site made over xx,xxx dollars since launch, and 2) the site is now for sale. That’s right, the web app genie Mathew Carpenter is already throwing in the towel, claiming that the site …

Black Dress Pant Sweatpants – Today In Nerd Fashion

Dress pant sweatpants

Imagine, instead of getting dressed for work in the morning, it felt as good as getting dressed for bed. That is how I feel about these pants. For $100, that’s a lot of some pants that aren’t even really dress pants, but man, do they look comfortable. With awesome diagrams like this, they really make these pants look like passable …