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Every idea that comes across our path is innovative to the creator. Our foundation on marketing and digital knowledge helps bring ideas to market by creating brand strategy, business strategy, and market penetration in an all-in-one service. We personally have too many ideas to execute in one lifetime, and are always happy to share information, strategy, and perspective. You’ll be happy to hear about the opportunities that we create for businesses online.

Experience + The Experience

Reverse engineering a business to create a relevant online window for opportunity is the only real way design a website. A website can look great, and the ideas behind the functionality might sound good, but we are more interested in the facts. Our goal with every website is to increase business transactions as well as enhance the appearance of the brand. We don’t mind putting up a simple website, as our most basic plans start at just $500. With that being said, we aren’t your normal web designer. We are business minded web developers that create channels to increase business, including generating more leads, more sales, and more productive traffic by managing digital strategy and marketing campaigns.

To us, it’s about The Experience our clients have working with our team. Genius web developers aren’t always the easiest to communicate a very specific brand image. CODE & DEV’s approach is directed towards ease of use for our clients so they have the power to control, and the knowledge to know when they should hand the reins off to experts. We are all about giving the power back to the consumer, and as consultants for small businesses and large alike, our focus is always on our client’s best interests.