Web Knowledge

Build full websites from concept through maintenance and expand your portfolio while earning college credits.

Marketing Edge

Become a force that pushes sales, increases engagement, and spreads the word in order to help grow businesses.

Business Logic

Learn from an Entrepreneur. Management, sales, legal, accounting, planning, scheduling, and operating best practices.


We put our interns into the driver seat and let them call the shots on projects, while showing support and providing direction.


For every intern, we provide a mentor that provides insight into the life style of a tech professional and digital expert.

Job Prospects

We are a tight group of tech enthusiasts that work and grow together. Aspire for a higher position at Code & Dev, or use our network for job opportunities.

Short Term

Our interns start on a basic regiment of tasks that are consistent with services that we offer to clients as well as discovery tasks where we simply ask interns to “explore”

Long Term

In addition to short term tasks, we also approach all interns with long term projects that offer multiple opportunities for growth and future incentives.

Real Work

We never ask interns to push paper unless it’s absolutely necessary. Our internship is about growth, and learning from hands on projects is the best solution.

Real Responsibilities

We hold our interns accountable for their successes and failures in order to discuss, strategize, and constantly improve their abilities.

Life Skills

We provide both hands on projects and mentorships, so our interns get a really good idea about technology, business, and the lifestyle that entails.

Earn Respect

Show your peers, college teachers, family, and even competitors your new skills in real time with real businesses in local areas.

Apply For An Internship

Feel free to email us, phone us, smoke signal us, carrier pigeon us, or visit us. We provide complimentary consultations!

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