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Consumers spend 15+ hours per week researching on their smartphone

Visiting business websites up to 6 times before completing a purchase

93% of Mobile visitors make a purchase, most in store

While their Mobile Browser is still on.

Digital Marketing grabs the attention, intent, and imagination of millions of people over time, moment by moment across every topic imaginable. In turn, the breadth and depth of visitor data and its timeliness makes digital marketing an incredibly revealing and useful tool for entrepreneurs to examine what happening in their business categories.

Across industries from medical to automotive to food and beverage to retail search data can help you track and affirm existing category dynamics or shed some light on new opportunities you’re considering.

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Digital Marketing Services

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click PPC Advertising
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Digital Banner Advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • User Experience Optimization
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The C&D Guarentee

Code & Dev will always be on the forefront of technology and it’s ability to build businesses. We provide packaged services as well as full service solutions for a business in any industry. We develop digital brand presences built from the ground up to function on all devices so your visitors can browse whenever, wherever.

Take a Deeper Look

Over half of consumers want to make a purchase within an hour of conducting research on their smartphone. 69% of consumers expect businesses to be within 5 miles or less of their location. The truth is, we live in an instant gratification world. Being their for your customers, especially when they need it most, is how we set businesses apart in their market space.

Advertising Has Evolved

Advertising needs to be direct, subtle, visible, and subconscious simultaneously in order to fully cover all available marketing channels online. We provide several tiers of marketing in various increments in order to gain ground in the market. Each client is unique, which is why we approach each scenario with a custom crafted advertising package.

Marketing Is A Science

Educating our clients on the costs per lead from the various marketing channels is our passion at Code & Dev. We our passionate about our numbers, and strive for success on a daily basis so that our charts look good at the end of the month. We also love teaching our clients about marketing data and how to use it to their advantage.

Take Your Lead Capturing To The Next Level

We create an experience that is inviting for your visitors while driving unique visits from new prospects. All of this traffic is being directed to websites we designed to make the best use of the traffic as it arrives. In fact, we are doing so right now on dozens of other websites across the country.

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Marketing is the Most Exciting part of managing a business’s brand online.

We enjoy aesthetics, art, and design as much as the next aficionado, but our passion is in driving visitors to websites built to turn them into customers. Nothing makes us more proud than to have a client tell us that they are having the best month that they have ever had because of our digital services and marketing strategies.

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