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Florida Needs Uber Marketing Campaign

Senator Negron is a small town senator of Florida’s District 32, a town in which Uber may not be too popular. Regardless, Negron is now at the center of an email marketing campaign via Uber to all Florida residents. This is all due to one of the bills that ruin great things for people, and is titled SB 1298. The email marketing campaign deployed by Uber indicates that “Today is the day”, and the best way to make sure Uber is still allowed in Florida after this vote, is to email blast Negron relentlessly. Below are screen shots of the email, the amazing light blue (favorite color) Call To Action Button, and the fantastic email template that pops up after.

Uber really set the bar high for simplistic email marketing messages that spark a call to action. Uber really needed this email marketing campaign to work in order to drive as many emails towards Senator Negron as possible. Technology politics has revolved around money leveraging, shares leveraging, as well as benefits towards mutual parties, but never has their been a better online political strategy than making it simple as possible to form a wave of responses from local people. Email Marketing is best made simple, and this pop up email response is not only native to your default email client on your computer, but it is only accessible via the email, so the only way you are taking part of this is if you are already within your email client. This creates a “sandbox” around the experience effectively making the ability to “do the right thing” for Uber SUPER easy. And this is where politics break down due to technology, due to the fact that Senator Negron and his Martin County office staff probably don’t have a mail server that can handle the restraint of a viral email marketing campaign.

Notice the Zip Code under Michael, my name. This email template was auto populated after the click, to include enough relevant information to make sure the email can be taken seriously, but without enough private information to make someone not send. With trust being a huge factor in many digital decision making moments, laying out a platform of obvious trust immediately will always increase the chance of conversion.

Safe to safe that we at Code & Dev have made our (Uber) message clear (pre-formatted), and we hope (expect) Uber is able to stay in Florida (forever). No longer should we have to ask our friends/family to drive us to the airport in West Palm Beach or Ft Lauderdale. Senator Negron, let us have our freedom!

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Michael Ensor
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