Facebook at Work is Yesterday’s Yammer

Facebook releases Facebook at work and beats Yammer

For years, Yammer has been the “Facebook for Business“. With new popular apps arriving and taking dominance in the space like Slack and HipChat, Yammer’s growth has stifled. Meanwhile, Facebook continued on it’s path of social dominance, avoiding exposure to the industry specific social media network space.

Facebook announced last week that this is set to change, and now Yammer is most likely set to disappear. At one point in time, Yammer was a potential Facebook acquisition super star, aligned with the companies strategies and even the Facebook’s interface and layouts.

Considering how well Yammer adjusted to Facebook’s multiple layout changes, it would seem Yammer always was Facebook’s “Facebook for Business”. Now that Facebook is attempting to roll out this platform, Yammer is set to face some direct competition, most likely cutting margins on costs for businesses. Facebook now as the ability to expand it’s ad market into the corporate space, where as Yammer allowed white labeling and no ads to clients. What happens next in the work focused social space will be interesting to say the least.

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Michael Ensor
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