Funny Call To Action Strategies

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Is this the best prank on the internet? I was sent this by a friend today and couldn’t believe this prank was available as service. is a new website offering a service, or a disservice, depending on if you are the buyer or the receiver.

The call to action on the header of the page is awesome, and the transparent menu area allows for focus to center on the main call to action “Mess someone up with a big box of explosive glitter” – or something to that effect.

It’s as simple of a concept as it seems, and it’s only $9.99. All I hope for is to never, ever, receive a package like this. As senders spend days chuckling at the idea, they eventually peek once receiving a call or email from the doomed receiver of this shiny nuisance.

Reviews ship your enemies glitter

I tried to steal an example of a funny review from this product, but they are all equally hilarious, and if true, potentially very, very unfortunate. Gifts like this aren’t the ones you buy for your boss on the holidays, that is, unless you get fired. The “Jan Delgado” review takes advantage of highlighting additional value from the package, which is a custom note in the package in this instance. Knowing how to offer your product and what value the product includes will help create a message to the intended audience describing what is unique.

It’s possible to create an amazing value statement with the proper research of your product and target market. Mix that with some creative influence, and you can craft a message that will reach your intended audience and influence them to purchase.

Craft Your Value Message

Work with one of our creative brand managers to craft a statement that will better influence your website visitors.

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