How Fast Is Your Internet?

Internet Speed Test

“The early bird gets the worm”, “speed is king”, and “I just want to go fast” are all equally relevant regarding website load speed and internet speed in general. Many users experience Lag, or latency issues with their internet service that makes things feel slower. In a world of instant gratification driven by technology, it’s important to not only have a faster website than your competitors, but it’s also important to understand your own limitations regarding website speed.

The irate business owner who doesn’t understand why it takes their website to load so long on their phone might simply be in a bad area for service. Understanding the limitations of website speed and internet service providers is vital when discussing the top of website speed and how to handle obstacles related to it.

This is what I scored at our Code & Dev office at the Brooks Executive Suites building in Bonita Springs Florida, where our service provider is Windstream.

Server speed is typically managed at the server provider level, but website owners do have additional options. At Code & Dev, we provide additional server optimization to increase memory size limits and other feature sets so that your server is able to overclock on performance. Where most server providers designate set limits on website owner capabilities, we openly maximize them, as most websites don’t need the full load, and the website would never go down if it did happen to experience a traffic spike.

Optimize Your Server

Learn about the various ways that your server's speed can be increased in order to provide better service to your website visitors, decrease bounce rates, and increase conversions.

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