How Trendy Products Help Businesses Grow

There are so many trendy products out there these days it is hard to keep up. But if you’re anything like me, you are attracted to products that incorporate bright colors, thrill, excitement and even art!

I’m currently in between Spring and Fall semester at FGCU (Go Eagles!) which means that I’m taking summer classes, working an internship at Code & Dev, and working a couple of other part-time gigs. That being said, I have a lot going on!

A lot of people I know like to keep organized with online calendars these days, to stay on top of upcoming events, meetings, presentations and so on. For me though, I like to keep things old school by using a physical planner to keep my priorities tabulated.

Being that I am still on a schedule that revolves around school, I typically like to buy new school supplies during the summer. This year it just so happens I have been keeping a look out for a functional yet aesthetically pleasing planner and I must tell you, it hasn’t been easy. However, a couple of weeks ago I saw a friend with one of the most glamorous spiral planners that I have ever seen. It had the name Lily Pulitzer written across the front and I had to know where she bought it!


She explained that there is a store nearby that sells them, but to ensure that you can get the one you want, you have to order them ahead of time during the store’s presale. So here I am craving this planner like I’ve never craved any other school-related object before, and I keep forgetting to stop in the store that is literally 10 minutes away from my house. That’s when I decided to give them a call and see what was up.

The store I’m talking about is Simply Southern, located right off 41 in the plaza near The Sandy Parrot restaurant & bar. The girl who answered the phone couldn’t have been nicer or of greater help than she was to me when I called asking about this Lily Pullitzer agenda book that I just had to have. She kindly explained everything that I needed to know and what to do so that I could get the exact planner I wanted. (I haven’t gotten the planner just yet, but within the next week I will be able to pre-order this majestic book that has kept me feeling uneasy for sometime now as if I wasn’t going to be able to get one.)

imgres-1Now you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. Well, the manufacturer, Lily Pulitzer, and the retail store, Simply Southern, have mastered what it takes for a new product to be successful. Through strategic marketing and word-of-mouth, the companies were able to get the word out about these exclusive planners and how get your hands on one. Maybe its just me who is weird and wants a cute planner instead of using Outlook or Google as a calendar, but that just so happens that a wanting girly planner is what is motivating me to make this purchase, in addition to great customer service.

I found it to be a great idea that the company-duo was able to work together to generate sales before the product is even released. Not to mention sell more planners after the pre-orders are taken and distributed. This strategy works great for getting new products out into the market, as well as generating a ton of transactions.

According to a recent post by Forbes, it has become clear that we are in a Connection Economy. What this means is that the “connection economy” rewards value based on building relationships and creating connections, rather than building assets. The most valuable companies will connect buyers to sellers or consumers to content. Uber is a great example of this because the company does not own any vehicles yet is successful because they exceed at connecting drivers with riders.

For any new business, it is important to ensure that your communication efforts are strong and effective. This includes having a friendly voice answer the phone ready to answer questions and help the customer with what they need.

To ensure your business continues to grow, you have to be able to pay attention to these details, especially if you are new to the market. On the contrary, being able to apply great customer service, marketing efforts, products, etc. is not easy when you also have a personal life.

If you or someone you know is opening a new business in Southwest Florida and looking for some help getting started or even ongoing marketing efforts, we would love to help you! Code & Dev is located in Bonita Springs and offers services to cities all over Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero and Naples. Contact us today and let’s talk about some things you might need a hand with to help you reach your goals!

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