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I am Baconator (@IAmBaconator) is more than just a hilarious Twitter moniker/alias. It’s a message to brands: Your products have identities. In this example, Wendy’s Social Media Management Team is using a single sandwich to garner a following of over 43,4k fans. And it looks like this trend is just getting started as well (photo proof below)

This is a perfect example of a social media account I wasn’t looking for, but once I saw it, I had to take a glance. Low and behold, they are in the middle of a well played campaign where Baconator has enough influence to pick battles with other, real twitter aliases. Celebrities, for instance, are a great target for @IAmBaconator to clash with. I’m going to keep tabs on this account to see how things go. Right now, it appears that sentiment is turning on Burger King, but I imagine that Wendys fights cynical health tweets as often as I plan to work out so I can eat a which I didn’t want until I wrote this blog post.

This is only a brief series of tweets, but it seems with this brands meteoric rise, they have also garnered some critical critic attention. With that being said, Wendys is smart for doing this, and I look forward to a future of moniker battles online.

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