Microsoft Hololens on Adwords – You’re Doing It Wrong

Microsoft hololens

Even though Bing Ads has had a boost in search volume over the past 30 days, that won’t stop them from having a hard time advertising on Google Adwords. Anything with the word “hologram” in it is currently showing ads for Microsoft’s new Hololens. Placement also seems to be very competitive in the top 3 range across the nation. Nothing like putting a couple Google Glasses in the fire place with bad ad placement in order to advertise the new Google Glass called Hololens.

With that being said, I actually do like Hololens more as a concept due to it’s ability to truly immerse the user instead of providing a not-so-efficient HUD that Google Glass has offered up until discontinuing the product. Google Glass now sells on Ebay for half price. Google Glass was making an impact on the medical field, as a doctor would have much more use for a HUD styled device than an average individual.

Lastly, the funniest thing about Google Glass, is that they gave it to a bunch of DEVELOPERS, a few photographers, and a limited amount of extreme athletes. I get the fact that the device needs to be better developed, but what is a developer going to help with when optimizing the headset for something like sky diving, or wilderness photography?

At any rate, wearable tech is just getting started, so hopefully the value of these devices are properly described in their advertisements.

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