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We have all experienced it. You visit a website, maybe only for a few seconds, for a reason you may or may not remember, and then IT happens. Ads. Ads everywhere. They follow you on your phone, on your TV, and in your email. Facebook Remarketing enables this ability by letting web masters ad tracking code to their websites so that all visitors are easily targeted by that website through their Facebook Page Ads. At Code & Dev, we typically get asked “How” this works as much as “Does” it work.


It does, and it works very well. That is, if you do it properly. Posi Rank, a seemingly new SEO SaaS company, has been advertising to SEOs for the past month like crazy. The reason they stood out to us at C&D is that the images are exclusively based on MEMEs, or viral images that grew to infamy on websites like As popular as these images are, they have absolutely nothing to do with SEO services. Furthermore, if this was a social media SaaS product, they may have a much better response. Most SEOs I know are so driven by data, that subconsciously disliking this ad before even realizing why has been a common response.


Using viral imagery is very effective when tied properly into a brand. This is hard to do when mimicking a copyrighted brand. On the other end, MEME images can better relate to a product because it can be modified to fit inside the brand’s vision, vs crafting a brand’s vision around hte popularity of a non related image. No matter what, if you use Grumpy Cat as an ad, you’re going to have a bad time, unless you change Grumpy Cat to a Happy Cat and throw a cat treat logo in the background.

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