Project Ara – Google’s Phone of the Future

Project Ara modular phone

Finally, a phone I look forward to buying again. As an iPhone 4s user that upgraded to iOs8, my phone is a fancy brick. Thankfully, Google is creating a phone with pieces that can be added and removed in one snap. These “modulars”, for example, could add a super upgraded camera, mass storage, better security, full games or music albums, and more.

This idea is truly a concept of beauty, as it allows for customization to the extent that phones may never look the same again. Imagine a world where everyone had a similar phone, but visually, it was entirely unique and functioned entirely different? Or better yet, not having a specific piece for your phone, but being able to borrow it from a friend for a week.

“Hey, can I borrow 8 gigs of memory from you for an hour?”

“Sure!” – unsnaps memory block from back of phone and hands it over.

“Only if you let me borrow your music collection for the afternoon”

This is more than a possibility within the next 3 years. Check the video out below to watch an awesome demonstration.

It’s important for businesses to not only notice these changes in the mobile market, but be ready to steer into the market whenever an opportunity arises. This may mean creating an app that fits on this phone, or in Project Ara’s case, creating a modular that can snap onto a user’s phone and create an entire experience around a brand.

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