The LinkedIn Effect: Organic Leads and Traffic (Part 1)

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How to Start Off on the Right Digital Foot Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s branding is a powerful four-word phrase: “World’s Largest Professional Network”. It is a platform where field experts, aspiring job candidates, industry giants and small to medium enterprises come together and create the most diverse corporate landscape. The team at Code & Dev thinks LinkedIn is an incredibly underrated tool! True, it’s a good channel to help you land jobs, reconnect with past colleagues, and meet people who are either in similar or different industries as you. But unknown to many, the right mobilization of LinkedIn can actually garner a goldmine of organic leads and pretty solid brand awareness for your business. The real challenge is getting noticed and standing out among thousands of professionally written profiles. How should you package your team and your business in a way that will woo your readers into getting hooked with your content, and prompt them into trying and staying loyal to your product offerings? Here are 3 effective tips in using LinkedIn as a platform to start off on the right digital foot.

1. Create a profile that genuinely speaks of your vision, mission, business principles, and your success story.

Your LinkedIn profile can be your virtual and dynamic resume, sales pitch, or business’ website homepage. This creates a need for your account to be curated in a way intended to persuade readers into following your content, and subsequently, your business.

Your LinkedIn profile must live, eat, and breathe your company’s corporate values. Not only does this allow people to understand what your product offerings are, they’re also given a glimpse of where you want your business to head. However, the point of advertising these down has to be for the purpose of informing and educating your readers. While a cleverly worded call to action is genius, avoid being too sales-y with your content to discourage the notion of insincerity.

Take the time to share your story. People are inspired by learning about the struggles of starting a business with finite capital and uncertainty, and how it’s possible to build something massively successful from the ground up.

2. Just like any other social media platform, you have to create points of engagement to raise interaction.

People respond to authentic conversations. Social media platforms require you to be social. Join and make conversations, establish connections, like and comment on posts. Be seen and heard. Look, and listen in return. People are much more inclined to follow your business if they see you place value on their personal stories, and respond to their queries with an honest desire to help individuals and enterprises grow. Studies show that after-sales initiatives matter just as much as product quality. This tells us that high customer engagement is likely to create high customer satisfaction and retention. Your interaction with your connections in LinkedIn is crucial in getting the word out about your brand. Join discussions revolving around your business, and once you’re able to share useful insights on frequently asked questions, your expertise in the field will surely garner you users who would be interested in what you do and what you offer.

Much like the way a website that meets the Algorithm requirements of Google is able to rank its content into the first few pages of a Google search, LinkedIn posts that are relevant and followed by many users stay on top of your connections’ timelines. Among the most important things in establishing your LinkedIn Profile is consistency. While your other social media accounts, say Facebook and Instagram, can handle content that is less industry-related and more trend-driven, you will benefit more from posts that are associated to your business. Code & Dev, being a full-scale digital solutions company, creates content that stays tuned to web development trends.

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