The LinkedIn Effect: Organic Leads and Traffic (Part 2)

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3. Create content that is hooking, credible, and relevant

LinkedIn is an awesome platform for content marketing. With the right management of your account, turning prospects into consumers, and making loyal clients out of regular ones is completely possible! However, creating a catchy, read-worthy content is more than 1000+ words of industry trends and succeeding as a brand.

  • Spend time into piecing together an enticing headline.

    An article’s headline often determines whether it gets clicked and read, or ignored. Create one that will summarize your content’s body into less than 60 words. Winning content creators like BuzzFeed and TedEx have mastered the art of composing viral-worthy headlines. Believe it or not, some phrasing works better than others at generating user attention. Use “How to”s and a list style method, where you pose the headline as a guide, or you can use subtle Call-to-Actions as well. For instance, “How to set a romantic dinner for two” will more likely garner more reads than “Romantic dinner for adults”. Be clear who your article is targeted at, and make sure not to over promise, or you risk the possibility of making a clickbaity article–which will definitely serve as a red flag for your next ones.

  • Use images & videos

    Infographics and the right video placement will add value to your content. Not only will it optimize your posts and prime them for a top rank, it will also be a feast for the eyes and a welcome change among the steady sea of words in your content.

  • Make scheduled posts, and stick to them

    Consistent content helps make winning content. If you happen to start posting twice everyday, keep the numbers regular and adhere to them. Being constant with posting will help you create a lasting impression on readers and connections alike. Post on days and times when analytics tells you have high traffic and engagement.

Every social media platform is an opportunity to create a relationship with readers and consumers. LinkedIn helps businesses start off on the right digital foot by bringing together experienced professionals and young businesses, and giving them a medium to share growth and ways to climb up the ladder of profitability. The professionals at Code & Dev see how shockingly low the number of industries are looking into LinkedIn to create and retain consumers, and we have the expertise to aid you in becoming part of the organizations that have witnessed the treasure chest found in the platform. Let us help your business move forward.

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