Web Design Strategy – Impact vs Minimalism

Fibonacci Handstand
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If you look a bit closer…

There is a graceful line between an impactful website and a minimalistic website layout/design.

Impact Definition


Minimalism Definition

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The slightest change in background color behind text can have a great impact on how content is portrayed. Both the definitions of Impact and Minimalism above actually hold both of their concepts semantically and visually due to the background color for Impact and the absence of a background color for Minimalism.

When designing a website for our clients, we utilize centuries worth of famous artistic, expressions, textures, styles and teaching into consideration. In a digital age where information is readily available at all times, it would be squandering amazing troves of resources NOT to use the best information on design and human interaction to create engaging websites online. Below is an example of a minimalistic and impactful website layout completed for MalleableArt.com

Web Page Element Layouts Malleable Art

This layout is using a background header image with a flat image on top of it. The background image also moves slightly as visitors scroll down, creating a visual field of depth. Depth in a website is great as it keeps user’s eyes searching for more detail subconsciously than they would on a flat white background site.

The section directly underneath is stark white (speaking of white backgrounds….)

This is meant to cause visitors to “halt” and visually scan the area of the website. Matched with exact black lettering and a glimmering image, this area is built to capture and hold the attention of visitors. It is also important to notice the direction that the horse in the frame is facing towards the information to it’s right, and on mobile, the horse will essentially be looking “down” when the content slides below it on mobile devices. This is due to the horse’s nose, face, and front foot point downward. This is how responsive websites work, and it’s also how to use an image to stimulate action by using focus directions towards points of interest on the website.

web design fibonacci spiral

 The law of layout wasn’t actually “created” by a designer, but by a mathematician. Leonardo Bonacci, aka Mr. Fibonacci himself, created the design below in 1120 AD, and is known as the “Fibonacci Spiral”. It is quite a significant shape!

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The reason I am excited about the Fibonacci spiral is not what you may think by looking at the simple design above. It is actually a perfect mathematical equation borrowed for nature and the natural flow of everything around us.

From nature, to our bodies, to the design we see on buildings, in cars, and yes, websites. The natural beauty of this shape is only as aesthetic as it is useful. If the elements, such as images, videos, and other content on websites aren’t aligned, then they tend to be less useful as well for visitors.

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Take a second look below at the Malleable Art page layout example to better understand how this works in real life.

website layout example malleable art

Lastly, just like any other tool, when used improperly, the desired result may not be what you intended. It’s best to use a professional designer or web master who understands not only technology, but design principles that help make up the aesthetic portion of the web. In 2014, over 50% of websites weren’t mobile friendly. In 2015, this will matter even more. Making sure this principle is applied to both desktop and mobile is extremely important.

Interested in grading your website?

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