Web Traffic Sources, Conversions and Heat Maps

Converting web traffic to business
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Defining Value In Web Traffic

Web tracking, heat mapping, and visitor analysis

It’s important to track web traffic sources and conversions on your website. Not only are sources different regarding their value, but how they interact with your site differs as well. A big attribute to this varying interaction is the way that they made it to the landing page.


In this example, there is a contact form on the left and a slider with before and after photos on the right. It appears that the only traffic to engage the before and after slider were users who were already browsing the site. Any user that came from search engines or search ads went directly to the contact form, filled it out, and was then transferred to the Thank You page that directs users around the website.


This shows that the extra content on the landing page may be a distraction to users coming from organic and paid search. It may be beneficial to split test the slider content, or remove it all together to see if it increases conversions from traffic that is already on the website. As of now, form submissions are taking place from users on the website, but since they are using the slider, a few of those users may have become distracted.


In summary, it’s important to have an engaging website, but keeping an eye on how to crank out more conversions is essential to having a successful website that drives business. Remember, a website is a business generation tool that drives leads to your company over the internet, and it’s function must match it’s form to deliver results.

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